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Nora Werner

B.A. DESIGNERIN Produkt | Schmuck

structures | details | the extraordinary | functions ...and a lot more! This is what interests and inspires me with my artistical work. Cross borders and make the impossible possible - this is what keeps me working every day.

„Every decently-made object, from a house to a lamp post to a bridge, spoon or egg cup, is not just a piece of 'stuff' but a physical embodiment of human energy, testimony to the magical ability of our species to take raw materials and turn them into
things of use, value and beauty.“
— Kevin McCloud —

formation and work

since 03/2015 industrial designer for footwear at Footwear Concept Design Pirmasens, Germany
final degree: bachelor of arts jewellery and everyday objects
Pforzheim, Germany
2013/14 5-months internship at GUAXS Tübingen, Germany
2012/13 6-months internship at Luxenter Madrid, Spain
2010-14 studies at Design PF, university Pforzheim: bachelor jewellery and everyday objects Pforzheim, Germany
2009/10 1 year technical intership at Design PF, university Pforzheim Pforzheim, Deutschland


2013/14 Galerie für Kunst und Design Pforzheim, Germany
2013 Eunique Karlsruhe, Germany
2012 Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Netherlands
2012 Lust auf Schmuck Pforzheim, Germany
2012 Museum of Gold Taipeh, Taiwan
2012 Silber-Sommer-Galerie, IHM Munich, Germany
2012 Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano, Italy
2011/12 GSG12 - Galerie für Schmuck und Gerät Pforzheim, Germany